August 08, 2009

L Artisan Parfumeur "Les Sautes d'Humeur"

"Les Sautes d'Humeur" (Mood Swings) is for when you're feeling moody.
Rire (Joyful Mood) - "a 'pink' fragrance, as in the rosy blush of a child's cheek after a day of sledding and unbridled gaiety... Bright pink, conjuring visions of childhood sweets and Bazooka bubble-gum."
Rêveuse (Spiritual Mood) - "a grey fragrance. As nostalgic as the cool, clean air inside a church on a midsummer's afternoon. As bewitching as incense soothes the spirit and invites reflection and soul-searching. Wearing this is akin to spending some well-earned time thinking about just you (imagine that); tending the bruises, easing the sorrows...most definitely a mystical and enigmatic fragrance."
Rien (Lazy Mood) - "a blue fragrance. Wearing this can be likened to surrendering to a rainy Sunday afternoon when even reading the Times is entirely too much trouble - and nothing will do but doing nothing. The homey scent of well-worn and well-loved freshly ironed sheets - as light as the fragrant country breeze that whispers to the curtains..."
Jalouse (Jealous Mood) - "a green fragrance - the green of a deadly plant (or a scorned lover's eyes). As seductive as an irresistible poison (when you're holding the antidote)..."
Massacrante (Angry Mood) - "a red fragrance. Red as in heat, red as in rage, red as in wild. A caffeine buzz, a spice circus, a catharsis."