August 18, 2009

Miroslava Duma


August 08, 2009

L Artisan Parfumeur "Les Sautes d'Humeur"

"Les Sautes d'Humeur" (Mood Swings) is for when you're feeling moody.
Rire (Joyful Mood) - "a 'pink' fragrance, as in the rosy blush of a child's cheek after a day of sledding and unbridled gaiety... Bright pink, conjuring visions of childhood sweets and Bazooka bubble-gum."
Rêveuse (Spiritual Mood) - "a grey fragrance. As nostalgic as the cool, clean air inside a church on a midsummer's afternoon. As bewitching as incense soothes the spirit and invites reflection and soul-searching. Wearing this is akin to spending some well-earned time thinking about just you (imagine that); tending the bruises, easing the sorrows...most definitely a mystical and enigmatic fragrance."
Rien (Lazy Mood) - "a blue fragrance. Wearing this can be likened to surrendering to a rainy Sunday afternoon when even reading the Times is entirely too much trouble - and nothing will do but doing nothing. The homey scent of well-worn and well-loved freshly ironed sheets - as light as the fragrant country breeze that whispers to the curtains..."
Jalouse (Jealous Mood) - "a green fragrance - the green of a deadly plant (or a scorned lover's eyes). As seductive as an irresistible poison (when you're holding the antidote)..."
Massacrante (Angry Mood) - "a red fragrance. Red as in heat, red as in rage, red as in wild. A caffeine buzz, a spice circus, a catharsis."

August 05, 2009

I'm in love with these heels!

Nicholas Kirkwood
These are the most fantastic shoes i have ever seen.

Kirkwood has made quite a name for himself, outfitting models in runway shows for Belstaff, Alberta Ferretti, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Gareth Pugh, Basso and Brooke, Jean Pierre Braganza and Rodarte. The sharp platforms, architectural styling and skinny stilettos have become his signature, admired by the fashion elite.